Expanded Metal Mesh Flattening Machines

We supply SQ Series Metal Mesh Flattening Machine as the accessory device for expanded metal production equipment. Flattening is very important procedure in sheet metal production. The flattened expanded metal sheet has a smooth surface and is easy for further processing and fabrication.

Main Features

  • Bearing Transmission: Light load, low noise (replacing the traditional bush)
  • Alloy roll: Long life, good quality flat finish
  • Easy maintenance
  • Automatic shutdown for energy: Reduction of labor cost.
  • Spindle speed: 420 r / min.
  • CNC brake function: Automatically brakes.
  • The entire NC program in computer [PSC] control to ensure the quality of flattening
  • Pulley portion: The flattening rolls can be adjusted up and down.
  • Expanded metal sheet with a maximum thickness of 2.5mm and a length between 0.5m to 1.25m is applied to SQ series machine flattening.
Flattening Machine SQ-01 for 2.5mm Thickness Sheet Metal
SQ-05 Machine for Flattening Sheet of Max. 2.5mm thickness x 5m Length
SQ-10 Machine for flattening sheet metal of max. 2.5 mM thickness x 1m length
SQ-125 Machine for flattening mesh sheet of max. 2.5mm x x 1.2m length

Specification of Metal Sheet The Machine Working with




Sheet Thickness




Flattening Sheet Width




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