Sheet Metal Machine Factory Exporter, Sheet Metal ( Expanded and Perforated) Factory Exporter

The factory was set up in 1998, has now established good reputation among our customers home and abroad. Our products fall into two categories, one is machinery ( for production of expanded metal, corner beads, rib lath, perforated metal ) , the other is mesh sheet ( for guarding, filter, fencing, decoration, building material, etc. ).

Shangqi enjoy long-term production practice and a wealth of experience in sheet metal processing. We enjoy trust and long term business from customers from Russia, Germany, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Middle east and other countries with our quality products. We help setting up production line for worldwide customers with our machines.

Our Products are used in following fields:

Interior design;
Safety flooring;
Pollution control;
Air conditioning;
Noise control & silencers;
Electronics and many other fields;

Our Values
We believe in constant and sustainable development.
In production: We invest constantly in research and development and supply machines with high standard working efficiency for sheet metal processing.
Over the last 20 years we have constantly invested significantly in R&D, developing a wide range of new machine and mesh products for your industrial needs.
In business scope:
We started from expanded metal machine and expanded mesh products for building industries. Then we gradually expand our product lines, now we produce wide range of sheet metal making machines as well as finished products for a variety of applications.

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