High Ribbed Mesh Lathing Formwork

High Ribbed Formwork is designed with steel sheets formed into mesh and U pattern rib bone. The Hi-ribbed mesh lath is a kind of concrete permanent assembly-free formwork lathing product. Highly ribbed mesh formwork is widely used in building construction to form retaining walls, columns, stopends, construction joints and used to support slab flooring.

High Rib Lath is produced from hot dipped galvanized steel expanded metal sheets. It provides longitudinal 3/8" ribs and small inverted ribs, together with a small herringbone mesh offering superior strength and spanning capabilities. The hot-dip zinc coated steel sheet is produced according to BS 2989 Z2 G275 standards.

Manufacture of Hy-ribbed Lath Formwork:
The mesh and ribs are formed on machines by cut and press the mesh and then rolling the ribs. At the same time the material is stretched to form an expanded mesh.

Specification List of Hy Rib Formwork

Mode Thickness (mm) Weight (kg) Width (mm) Length (mm) Rib Height (mm) Rib Distance(mm)
SQ21 0.21 1.7 450 2200 14-20 90
SQ23 0.23 1.9 450 2200 14-20 90
SQ30 0.3 2.48 450 2200 14-20 90
SQ35 0.35 2.9 450 2200 14-20 90
SQ40 0.4 3.3 450 2200 14-20 90
SQ45 0.45 3.7 450 2200 14-20 90
SQ50 0.5 4.1 450 2200 14-20 90

Where is Hi Rib Lath Used:

In construction reinforcement of tunnels bridges;
Valve basement systems;
Sewage systems construction;
Subways, retaining walls construction;
Nuclear power plants, shipyards, water pools and marine engineering works;
High building projects;
Iregular or bending patterns.

Hot Dipped Galvanized High Rib Lath Bridge construction Ribbed formwork
High Rib Mesh Steel formwork for Slab Flooring
Stainless steel 304 High Ribbed Mesh 0.23mm x 14-20
Hot-dipped galvanized hy rib formwork 0.35mm x 450mm width
galvanized Mesh Lathing formwork 0.45mm x 14-20 x 90mm
Aluminum Lath Formwork 0.5mm x 14-20 x 90mm



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