Rib Lath

Rib Lath is an expanded metal lath stiffened by longitudinal steel ribs, formed in the same sheet of metal.
The mesh areas of the lath are expanded by cutting and stretching in the sheet of metal, the ribs being simultaneously roll-formed. Ribbed Lath is a versatile building material. It has V ribs and greater tensile strength offering excellent plaster base and reinforcement for all types of walls, ceilings and fireproofing of steel beam, and columns. Ribbed mesh lath is ideal for providing a high degree key of mechanical bonding with plaster or render.

How to Uses:

Metal lath used over solid surfaces to be furred approximately ¼ inch away from the wall to allow for the proper stucco keying behind the lath. Self-furred mesh lath has a surface studded in dimples or embossed “V” groove that provide the required ¼ inch of furring. Fastener placement should be arranged so as not to negate the furring mechanism.


Ribbed lath is produced in hot dipped galvanized steel, zinc coated carbon steel or stainless steel.

Rib lath is ideal material used as a background for plaster, render, stucco application in construction of suspended ceilings partition, for civil engineering such as tunnel, bridge projects.

We supply:
Galvanized Rib Metal Lath, 2.5 Lbs., 27"X96"
0.45mm Galvanized Expanded Metal Rib Lath 2500m
Construction Steel Mesh Formwork Rib Lath
450mm Hot Dipped Galvanized Hy Rib Lath For Construction.

General Sizes:
thickness: 0.2-0.5mm
Rib height: 1/8", 3/8", 4mm,10mm
Rib Distance: 100mm, 150mm
Width: 610mm
Length: 2200mm.





Rib height Rib distance Kg/m2 Width
19-30 0.30 16X11 8 150 085 600
19-35 0.35 16X11 8 150 1.00 600
19-40 0.40 16X11 8 150 1.14 600
19-45 0.45 16X11 8 150 1.28 600
19-50 0.50 16X11 8 150 1.43 600

Metal lath is used in construction site.

Self Furred Rib lath


Diamond Opening Ribbed Lath

Constructional Steel Mesh Lath

0.45mm Galvanized Metal Rib Lath Supplied in Coils or sheet
Flat Mesh Lathing for retaining walls construction
Galvanized Stucco Lathing Sheet in 1/8" Rib Height
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