Expanded Metal Sheet Mesh Application

Where Expanded Metal is Used

Expanded metal sheets are widely used in building, agriculture, ship building and various construction and industries.

Mainly used as:

Heavy type expanded sheet is mainly used as flooring, grating, groove cover, conveying, walkways floor, catwalks panels;
Used as reinforcing sheet for construction of roads, bridges, railway, road, civil building;
Plastering mesh corner beads in wall construction ( light type expanded mesh);
Fencing and guarding materials ( standard flatten metal sheet);
Outer wall decoration and wall panels, partition panel, facade sheet, metal shading curtains, screen sheets for various facilities, display shelves;
Micron expanded mesh is mainly used as filter mesh;
Ship making heavy machinery, ships, escalators and other working platforms decking ( heavy type expanded metals).

Used in these fields:

Interior design;
Safety flooring;
Pollution control;
Air conditioning;
Noise control & silencers;
Electronics and many other fields.

Galvanized Steel Expanded Guardian Fence Modular expanded metal mesh Security fence
Aluminum Mesh Stair Safety Treads and Guarding RailingsAluminum Expanded Metal Stair tread
Walkway Flooring Sheet of Galvanized Steel Expanded PanelsGalvanized Steel Expanded Metal Sheet
Powder Coated Steel Expanded Structural Floor Plates
Micron Filter NetDiamond Mesh Filter
Platform Decking FloorHeavy Type Expanded Steel Platform Panels
Powder coated steel mesh waste basketExpanded mesh fabricated waste paper barrel
Expanded Mesh Fabricated Furniture
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