Corner Beads / Angle Beads

Corner beads are also known as angle beads, plaster beads, trimming beads or stucco beads. We supply corner beads fabricated from perforated or expanded metal meshes. Corner plastering metal beads are mainly used for wall and ceiling rendering and insulation system construction. Plastering corner beads provide quality finished edge for walls around doors and windows. Popular sizes are 1/2" and 3/4" . Standard length is 10' and bundles are 20 pieces.

Types: Corner Beads for Exterior Render, Lower Raked Render Bead, Corner Beads for Traditional Walls, V Keel Beads, I Trim Corner Protection Angle Beads, Expanded Corner Bead, Perforated Corner Bead, Corner beads for interior plastering.

According to fabrication of materials: Corner Beads, Expanded or Perforated

Expanded Steel Metal Beads

Corner or plaster casing beads are commonly fabricated from galvanized expanded steel mesh. The expanded metal beads are light and can be easily applied to plastering jobs. Plaster keys near solid nose provide reinforcement where needed most to ensure straight corners. Holes: Diamond.

Perforated Mesh Drywall Angle Beads for Internal Wall Corner Framing
5*5 145g-165g or 4*4mm
2.5cm*2.5cm ,10cm*10cm.
Material: PVC, galvanized steel.
Hole: Round

According to Uses ( For interior or external corner framing)
Corner Beads for Raked Render Angles
This kind of corner bead provides a finish and protects external raked render angles. Using of this metal corner beads enables adjustment of all thickness renders.

Technical Description:
Materials: Galvanized expanded metal sheet or perforated sheets.
Can be made with P.V.C. nosing.
Corner beads for raked render angles have three standard models for render thicknesses of 8, 10 and 15 mm.
Corner beads have 42 mm wings. Length of Corner beads can be 225, 250, 300 cm.

Corner Beads for Exterior Render
This type of corner bead finishes and protects inside brick. Then the wall angles can be plastered. Using of corner beads for exterior render allows adjustment of render thickness to 6 mm.

Technical Description:
Materials: Galvanized steel sheets.
Features: Sharp angle. Expanded metal wings have slots so that the render grips the inside wall perfectly.

25 x 25 mm. Length: 2, 2.5 linear meter

Interior Corner Drywall Bead

Interior corner or angle beads are the most easily forgotten aspect of a drywall job. Designed for internal use plaster uses, manufactured from quality galvanized steel sheet or perforated mesh. Solid flanges are preferable. The angle beads are adapt to framing irregularities and to match appropriate screed heights.

90º and 135º Angle Beads For Internal Drywall Plaster Finish Job

90º and 135º Internal corner plastering beads are designed to give perfectly straight, sharp inside corners every time. Use Inside corner for finishing wall niches quickly and easily. 90º and 135º Internal corner beads are self aligning and is perfect wherever crooked framing is a problem or when drywall doesn’t meet perfectly in the corner.

Materials: Galvanized Steel, Aluminium,Stainless Steel, Zinc (99% pure zinc) Alloy, PVC. Expaned sheet or perforated sheet.

Specifications: 90º Interior angle beads provide perfectly straight, sharp inside corners with nail hole.

135º Internal angle beads provide straight corners with nail hole. Used over flat surfaces. Plaster keys near nose for reinforcement where needed most.

Galvanised Steel Mesh Expanded Corner Beads Galvanized corner bead for drywall
Round hole perforation plastering bead Construction Mesh Beads of Perforated Metal
Galvanized Corner Beads
V Keel Angle Beadssteel profile drywall V Keel corner beads
Vinyl or PVC Angle beads
Angle Trimming Round Hole BeadsGalvanized steel profile drywall metal bead
Plaster Depth 
Flange Width






Galvanized Steel






Galvanized Steel


10 or 50




Galvanized Steel

According to Types of Materials

Aluminium Corner Beads
Suitable for gypsum and synthetic resin plasters and primers for internal use. Alumium metal beads are designed for internal or external use and are ideally suited for modern renders and insulation systems. They are also suitable for plaster on a lime, lime-cement, plaster binding agent, cement or gypsum based.

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Angle Beads

Galvanized steel angle beads are reinforcement coil type corner beads designed for internal use. With a zinc coating of 450 gms./M2.
Galvanized stucco beads are suitable for plasters on a lime, lime-cement, plaster binding agent, cement or gypsum based. Fixings used should be galvanized.

Aluminum and Galvanized Corner Beads with Edges Option

Expanded or perforated with galvanized steel plate or Aluminum plate.
Designed with two kinds: With edges width 5mm-10mm or no edges.

Vinyl Stucco Corner Beads

Stucco corner bead or stucco stop is popularly made of plastic or vinyl sheet materials. Stucco beads provide hard-to-damage, rust-proof straight corners. It can be easily curved for smooth arch construction.

Plastic Stucco Beads with Wings

PVC corner beads are durable, straight and rust free, designed for fastening with beautiful arc in construction. Usually used with drywall tape to reinforces exterior stucco corners. Easily curved for smooth arches.

Length:2.44m/2.5m or custom size
Wing Width:30mm,40mm,25mm etc
Color:White ,black .
Type: Round Angle

Instructions on Using Corner Beads

1, Structural movement joint under the render;
2, Rendered panels should also be used in cases of a change to the background substructure.
3, Plumb vertical and embed in continuous line of adhesive mortar. The joints are to be embedded in silicone mastic to prevent water ingress.
4, Mechanical fixings are best avoided to prevent distortion of bead.
5, Corner beads are stored flat away from heat and direct sun.

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