Perforated Metal Machine - Full Line Sheet Metal Punching Press

The machine is designed for perforation of metal screen with precise holes of different shapes in different materials. The production line consists of punching machine, feeding machine, decoiling device and other auxiliaries.

The metallic material for punching: Iron plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, galvanized plate, nickel, etc.
Nonmetallic material: Fibre plate, plastic plate, vinyl, etc.

The shape of the punched hole: Round hole, long round hole, square hole, trigonal hole,bulgy hole(scale hole), diamond hole, hexagonal hole, crossed hole etc.

Machine Model PM1225C

Sheet metal size: 1250*2500mm

Max. thickness of working material: 6mm

The precision of the hole punching ±0.1mm

The axis number-controlling Four (X.Y.T.C)

The precision of repetition cocalization ±0.1mm

The power of the main electrical machinery 3.0KW

Power Source 30KVA

The gas source pressure 0.55Mpa

Consumption Quantity 0.1m3/min

The outside size(L*W*H): 4800*2560*2100

The weight of the machine: 9.5T.

Machine Model PM1225B

 Model PM1225B
     Max. sheet  size for punching       1250x2500mm
      Max. sheet  thickness        6mm
      The precision of hole-punching       0.1mm
      speed (mesh/minute)      40-65 times/minute
       Power        380/440V     
       Outside size (mm)       4800x2500x2150
       Weight       5 ton

Sheet Metal Punching Press General Specification List

Punch Force 250KN
Max.Sheet sizes 2500*1250mm
Max.Punch thickness 6.0mm
Max. Punch hit 130hpm
Hole accuracy +—0.1mm
Number of stations in turret 6/8 entires
Voltage Rtaing 380v
Power Rtaing 8KW
Clamp Forceps Pneumatic
Machine weight 6500kgs
Dimensions 4700*3900*2250mm
Hole shapes Round,diamond, square,hexagonal,five-star (with different Moulds)
Perforated Metal  Machine
Perforated Metal sheet Making Machine
Punching press of aluminum sheet and steel screenAluminum / Galvanized Steel metal Punching machine
Round Hole Perforatation Machine
Machine for Perforated Sheet Used as filter Mesh or filter element support layer
CNC Punching Machine Applied to Various Hole Patterns with changing of dies
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